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Sparky's #GivingTuesday

Sparky before and after his life-saving surgery.

Sparky's story is an individual story about a young dog that was saved because of people like you. It is a story about abandonment, resilience, and hope. Yet his story resembles one of many animals coming to the SPCA each day.

Sparky came to the SPCA in October 2019. He was surrendered with a broken hind leg. An injury so severe that he needed veterinary surgical intervention. Our veterinary staff and team immediately set off to work. After our veterinary partnering clinics examined Sparky it was determined that a pinning of his hind leg was his best option. Thanks to people like you, the expensive surgery was possible.

After Sparky's surgery he began his road to recovery here at the SPCA. He spent time in our office for some social time meanwhile our veterinary team kept a close eye on him. Sparky made a full recovery and was soon ready to play with other dogs.

Today, Sparky lives in a loving home with his new adoptive mom and two doggy friends. Thanks to your donations to Dixie's Fund, a fund dedicated to animals in need of necessary and extraordinary veterinary treatment and surgical intervention Sparky could be saved.

Animals like Sparky and the SPCA operations rely on private and corporate donations to be able to help nearly 3,700 animals per year. In November 2019 alone, we took in 401 animals - all in need of a safe place with a roof over their head, food in their bellies, and veterinary care. It is one of the busiest times of the year and and funds are scarce.

This #GivingTuesday and during this season of giving, will you take a stand and give to help more animals?

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