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Dixie's story is one of cruelty and injustice which at the outset, will leave any reader with a heavy heart. However, it develops into one of perseverance, healing, determination and achievement. In the end, it is a story of inspiration which makes a heavy heart then jump for joy. 


Dixie came to the SPCA in November 2018 with a broken front leg and extensive muscle damage. This in itself was of grave concern, but what was even worse was that she had been carrying this injury for several weeks, without seeing a veterinarian. She was brought to the SPCA and the SPCA team immediately rushed her to the vet. It was determined that due to the fracture being left untreated for so long, there was nothing that could be done to save the limb. An amputation was recommended with the cost of the surgery alone being $1,500.00. Further hospitalization, medication and rehabilitation treatment would be required in addition to the surgery itself. The SPCA wanted to help Dixie, who despite her situation and the trauma she had endured, was incredibly good natured and desperate to snuggle up to people. An absolute sweetheart to say the least!


Veterinary expenses beyond the SPCA's normal capacity puts the SPCA in a bind as the welfare organization relies almost entirely on donations from generous private individuals and corporate businesses, often with little funds to spare. Therefore, the SPCA took to social media and asked members of the public for help. And helped they did. Thanks to the generosity and kindness of people over N$7,000.00 were raised. So much, that the next week when the SPCA received another puppy with a broken hind leg, they were able to help him too.

Dixie recovered quickly. Whilst an amputation for an animal may seem very drastic to humans, animals tend to be extremely resilient and surprise us all. Dixie was no exception.

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The very next day she was racing around the yard at the vet clinic. She was so happy and carefree - just like a puppy should be. Once brought back to the SPCA she was kept for monitoring and socialization, and soon she found her perfect home. Today she lives on a farm with a very loving family who adore her to bits.


The SPCA were inspired by people's willingness to step in and help Dixie, who would be considered an at-risk animal in need, and so the idea of Dixie's Fund was born. Dixie's Fund is a restricted account dedicated to the necessary medical treatments and surgeries the animals at the SPCA receive. It has a separate bank account and any funds donated to Dixie's Fund will only be used for veterinary expenses.

To donate to Dixie's Fund you can do so as a once-off donation or on a monthly basis through your bank, or stop by at the SPCA.


To Give to Dixie's Fund

Bank: First National Bank

Branch Code: 28-26-72

Account Type: Call Account

Account Number: 62269202364

Or stop by the SPCA to make a 

Cash Donation!

Dixie before her surgery.
Dixie being a happy puppy the day after her surgery!
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