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At the SPCA we believe that Humane Education is key to a brighter future for the animals in our communities.


The youth are the guardians of animals in the future and therefore we put an emphasis on educating our young ones so they get an opportunity to learn about animals, their basic needs, and how to treat them with compassion and respect. We have school classes visit the SPCA for educational talks and tours and we go to schools for further educational outreach.


As an animal welfare organisation that accept surrender animals, pick up stray animals, and conduct adoptions so that animals can find new homes we realise that there is a need for support in our community. We encourage responsible pet ownership, that animal guardians plan for the care of their pet(s); we assist with behavioural questions; and refer pet owners to private veterinary clinics when there is a medical need.


Principals, teachers, and independent groups are all welcome to reach out to the SPCA for an educational talk about humane treatment of animals.



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