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There are many individuals and companies that have raised funds for the animals at SPCA Windhoek. If you are passionate about animals and would like fundraise for the plight of animals - then we would love to welcome you to Team SPCA! There are many different ways of organizing your own fundraiser for the SPCA. Take a look at a few fundraising ideas and make sure that whatever you choose to have fun whilst doing it! Email for more information.


Birthday Campaign

Donate your birthday to the animals at SPCA! Let your friends and family know that in lieu of gifts this year you would like them to donate to the SPCA Windhoek animals.

Girl with Horse

Memorial Campaign

A memorial donation is a meaningful way to celebrate the life of a beloved person or pet. Donations made in remembrance honour their memory by helping ensure a better life for animals, giving hope and life to those still in need.

Set Table - Fancy Night Event

Fundraiser Event

The options for fundraiser events are limitless! Perhaps you or your company would like to organise a golf tournament, an art exhibition, a company gala, a bake sale, or even a yard sale for the animals in need.

Friends Eating Dinner

Host for Animals

Are you passionate about animals and would like to organize something with friends and family? Consider hosting a dinner, a brunch, a coffee morning, or perhaps even a wine tasting by asking for donations to participate. It is a great way to help save more animals.

Sports Facility

Sponsored Activity

Are you participating in a run, walk, bike, swim, or perhaps even a long distance driving event? Ask people or companies to sponsor a certain distance in order to bring awareness and support to fight animal cruelty.

Wedding Party

Wedding Campaign

Pick SPCA Windhoek as your welfare organization in celebration of your love. Add the SPCA Windhoek to your wedding register and ask friends and family to donate up to a certain amount as a way to share your love for animals!

Do you have another idea? Please get in touch with us!

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