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The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is a charitable organisation which has as its main aim the protection and prevention of cruelty to animals. To achieve our mandate, we have a range of programs to address various issues in regards to animal welfare in our community.

We have three certified Animal Inspectors who work according to the Animal Protection Act 1962. They respond to cruelty and neglect complaints almost on a daily basis.

The SPCA Windhoek is the largest animal shelter in Namibia, with an average of 260 animals each day. Our shelter facility functions as the City Dog Pound for the City of Windhoek and is a safe haven for many homeless animals. At our location we primarily care for domestic animals and pets, but we are often contacted for many other species. Depending on each case we work with a variety of other animal welfare and wildlife organizations so that each animal can get the best care and/or rehabilitation and possible release opportunities.


Our shelter facilities also function as an Adoption Center where all of our happy and healthy animals are made available for adoption so that they can find a loving family of their own.

To help with the operations at the SPCA we are highly dependent on our amazing group of volunteers. They dedicate their time to help with various programs, projects, and directly with the animals.

One of the most important programs we have is our Humane Education program. By educating we believe we can work towards preventing animal cruelty and foster compassion for all animals.

Other programs/departments we have are: Development, Administration, and Animal Health.

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