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Report animal cruelty to the SPCA directly, either via the form below; by calling our office at 061 - 238 654 or our Emergency After Hours number 081-1244520; or by emailing ensures that the cruelty complaint goes through the correct channels and can be addressed as soon as possible.

What is the SPCA not responsible for?


Some situations that may appear as though the SPCA should get involved, are not actually within our mandate. Our mandate is to prevent cruelty, and in Namibia's largest city, our Inspectors must place their focus on cases where the Animals Protection Act is being contravened. We ask that you please follow these guidelines below:


Barking Dogs

The mandate of the SPCA is to prevent cruelty to animals. However, the local Municipality and police in the City of Windhoek are responsible for complaints regarding animals causing a nuisance or disturbance of the peace. We suggest that you contact your local Municipality or police station in order to lodge a formal complaint regarding barking dogs.


Deceased Animals

The local Municipality is responsible for the collection of dead animals found in public areas and on roads. Please contact the City of Windhoek for assistance in this matter.


The Selling Of Animals

The SPCA opposes the sale/trading of animals, however, it is not illegal to trade with domestic animals and we, therefore, have no jurisdiction to intervene unless there are welfare concerns. In this case, we need the breeder's address to conduct an inspection.


Contact the City Police of Windhoek

Phone: 061-290 2239


Contact the City of Windhoek

Phone: 061-290 2690

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