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You ask! We answer! Here is a place where we log frequently asked questions by members of the public and concerned citizens. Cannot find the answer to your question? Simply contact us using our contact form.

I lost my pet! What should I do?

You are welcome to email the SPCA all the information and description of your missing pet, a photo, where your pet went missing, and your contact details. We will create a lost report in our system and we will contact you if your pet is brought into us. We only advertise lost pets on our Facebook page that are at the SPCA.

We recommend asking neighbors, printing ‘Lost Pet’ posters and putting them up in your neighborhood, in vet clinics, and here at the SPCA. There are many groups on Facebook specifically for posting about missing and found pets. A few that we know of are ‘Lost and found pets Namibia’, ‘Find your Lost Dog’, ‘Namibia and Lost and found Pets’

What can the SPCA require from owners whose animal has escaped and been brought to the SPCA?

Here is what we can do:

  • Require stray fees that are N$100 per dog/day and N$50 per cat/day (this is so that donations from the public go to animals that truly are homeless)

  • Encourage pet owners to ensure their pet(s) have a collar and a name tag with a contact number should they get lost again (the SPCA sells name tags)

  • Encourage pet owners to microchip their pets so that should their animal get lost either the SPCA or a vet clinic can quickly scan the microchip and access owner contact details

  • Encourage pet owners to secure their yards properly and use caution when driving in and out of the gate if the dog is outside

What are our limitations?

  • The City of Windhoek require that all dog owners license their dog(s) and the license tag should be attached to each dog's collar

  • The SPCA does not have access to licensing information nor the authority to enforce this requirement

How can you help?

  • Help the SPCA spread the message of how to properly identify pets, ensure their yard is safely secured, and how to enter/exit gates without running the risk of animals escaping

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