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Saving Namibian animals since 1949

The SPCA has played a pivotal role in animal rescue, prevention of cruelty to animals, and rehoming of animals since 1949. The organization does so through providing shelter and medical care to the animals in need, by educating our youth and members of public about compassion and responsible care for animals, and by upholding the Animal Protection Act, 1962. The SPCA was the sixth welfare organization (WO6) to register in Namibia. Starting this September, the SPCA embarks on 70 days of celebrating their 70th birthday through 7 initiatives in Windhoek. The SPCA’s headquarters is in Windhoek and has six branches across the country; Grootfontein, Luderitz, Oshana, Otjiwarongo, Tsumeb, and Walvis Bay - all changing the lives of homeless animals for the better. The SPCA welcomes members of the public to join the festivities or to support one or more of the branches throughout the country.

The SPCA’s premises on Robert Mugabe Avenue was purchased in 1949, and over the years their shelter and offices have grown. Today the Windhoek shelter can house up to 350 animals. The other branches have facilities ranging from no kennels (the animals are primarily housed through staff and volunteer members’ homes), to kennels and enclosures that can accommodate anything from 20 to 100 animals.

That loyal four-legged companion, a feathered friend, or a scaly buddy – so many of us has been touched by the joy animals bring us. Whilst the SPCA in most cases works with cats and dogs, the organization sees many more species throughout the year including rabbits, hamsters, horses, donkeys, cattle, porcupines, bats, meerkats, dassies, and even a hyena and a leopard last year. Any animal is welcome, and any report of an animal cruelty is taken seriously and addressed. For those times the SPCA does not have the facility to keep a particular animal, the organization works with knowledgeable stables and farmers and experts in wildlife.

The SPCA would not be what it is today had it not been for generations of devoted animal lovers and advocates. The animal lovers encompass committed volunteers, loving adopters, generous sponsors and donors, stand up individuals in committees, dedicated employees, other passionate organizations and groups, and caring members of the public. Each individual person and corporation are the lifelines to the SPCA. Without the public’s support, not nearly as many animals would have been rescued from the SPCA’s inception. The SPCA has indeed rescued thousands of animals throughout the years - over 10,000 animals alone in Windhoek during the past three years. This work takes a whole community.

The SPCA believes compassion is compassion and no creatures are deserving of neglect or cruelty. Mahatma Gandhi once said: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” And much like Gandhi, the SPCA knows that it takes a whole community to enforce the vision of the SPCA where animals can live a life treated with love, respect, and freedom from suffering.

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