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Mutt Strutt: 100+ wagging tails

The sky was clear with a light chill in the early morning of Saturday September 21, 2019. As the sun rose higher dogs starting walking towards us at Eagles by Avis Dam; a few dogs barking at a distance; and all of them with tails wagging. It was the morning of the SPCA's Mutt Strutt - a day where mutts and purebreds alike were coming together to form one great big mega pack.

Walkers either walked their own dogs or walked one of the SPCA dogs looking for a home. Ahead of the event, the SPCA's 35 available adult dogs were all registered for the walk. For any dog walk - this is a SPCA record, and we could not be any happier to see our dogs out and about and glad to strut around. At 8 o'clock the mega pack of over 100 dogs set off for the walk. Up a hill, down a hill, across the dam, around bushes, along paths, and back. Walkers were out for 45 minutes to one and half hour, everyone starting together but then walking at the pace they were comfortable with. Once back at Eagles people and the dogs they walked sat on the grass chatting and having some snacks ahead of the draw with fun prizes. The dogs now sitting on laps or laying down (and a few energetic ones still wanting to run some more).

The Mutt Strutt was organized in collaboration with our major sponsor ENSafrica (#ENSafricaNAM100) as one of several celebratory events to celebrate the SPCA turning 70 years this spring. Gondwana and Hill's sponsored gifts for a draw that drew excitement not just for the kids, but the adults too. Eagles kindly sponsored their premises and Green Space sponsored the walk around Avis Dam. This event would not have been possible nor the success it was without our generous sponsors, SPCA supporters, and animal lovers from the members of the public.

Photo credit: Gondwana Collection

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