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FNB supports Dixie's Fund

Left picture: from left to right; Hanna Rhodin - General Manager SPCA, Sylvia Breitenstein - SPCA Branch Manager, Eileen Grosse-Weischede - SPCA Committee Member, and Dr. Magda Awases - FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trustee.

On November 23, 2019 FNB Namibia, through the FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trust, handed over an amount of N$ 200,000 towards Dixie’s Fund, an initiative inspired by a special puppy named Dixie who needed costly surgery and where the community raised the necessary funds for this surgery. So much money was raised that more animals could be helped, and Dixie’s fund is now being used for all the animals in need.

At the handover Dr. Magda Awases, FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trustee elaborated on the environmental guardianship commitment by the bank and the Foundation and said that support has been given to the Namibian Chamber of Environment’s initiatives, Drought support countrywide, wild horses, large cats, rhino conservation and the SPCA’s fine initiatives to protect, rehabilitate, rehome and medically support abandoned, abused, ailing and unwanted so-called pets.

“FNB Namibia is proud to count itself as a caring citizen, and today is happy to hand over N$200,000 to the SPCA to support its activities, specifically regarding the medical costs associated with caring for the many animals housed at any time in its yards.” She thanked the SPCA for their efforts as well as all volunteers, caregivers and supporters.

Hanna Rhodin, General Manager of the SPCA in Windhoek was immensely appreciative of the gesture from the FirstRand Namibia Foundation. “Through Dixie's Fund the SPCA provides necessary and extraordinary medical treatment to animals in the care of the organisation. As it is a time of giving, the SPCA is incredibly grateful to the Foundation for supporting and taking a stand for animal welfare, and they hope it will inspire other businesses and private individuals to think about the homeless animals at this time of year."

Guest Author: First National Bank Namibia Team

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