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FNB's support helps puppies like Lana

From left to right Dr. Sulet Gous, SPCA Shelter Veterinarian; Revonia Kahivere, Corporate Social Investment Manager FirstRand Namibia; and Hanna Rhodin, SPCA National Director.

Lana, a puppy who has been assisted through the SPCA’s Dixie Fund, has found her forever home and is a happy, healthy animal.

FNB, through the FirstRand Namibia Foundation, donated N$100,000 to the SPCA’s Dixie Fund, an account specifically launched to provide ordinary and extraordinary medical treatment and procedures for the animals in the care of the SPCA. Hanna Rhodin, the SPCA’s National Director, thanked the bank and the Foundation and said: “FNB’s ongoing support makes a significant impact on the SPCA’s ability to care for the most vulnerable animals in need, as we rely almost entirely on corporate donors and private individuals to fund our operations and care for the over 4,000 animals we see in a year. Thanks to crucial donors like FNB’s contribution to Dixie’s Fund, the SPCA has been able to administer 2,431 vaccines and has sterilized 559 pets over the last year. Making sure that these animals can be responsibly adopted by members of the community and given a second chance in life.”

Dr. Sulet Gous, the SPCA Shelter Veterinarian, knows firsthand the impact FNB’s support has had on its programs and shares the story of Lana, a sweet puppy who was abandoned with a broken leg. “When the puppy Lana arrived at the SPCA, she was so friendly we hardly noticed anything was wrong with her. However, she had a limp on one of her hind legs. Further investigations and an x-ray showed she had a broken tibia. Luckily, the fracture was not too badly displaced, and could be treated with a cast and regular bandage changes. One of our staff members fostered her during this difficult time as Lana needed strict cage rest. She was such a trooper through it all, keeping a brave face, despite the discomfort of the cast. After four weeks, follow up x-rays showed a beautifully healed leg, and she was made available for adoption. In that same week, a human fell in love with her! She was soon off to her forever home with other fur-siblings, where she will live happily for the rest of their days together.”

"The FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trust’s environmental guardianship commitment includes the SPCA’s initiatives to protect, rehabilitate, rehome and medically support abandoned, abused, ailing and unwanted pets. We thank them for their continued efforts and look forward to ongoing partnerships" – Revonia Kahivere, CSI Manager of the FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trust.

Lana during treatment at the SPCA, and on the right, all healed spending time with her siblings in her fur-ever home.

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