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Pupkewitz Foundation making a difference in 'Project PAWlift'

The SPCA Windhoek cares for anything from 250-400 animals per year, taking in over 3,800 animals per year, and as a welfare organization, there are an endless number of projects filling our list of things to do and improve upon. The Pupkewitz Foundation answered that call by generously sponsoring two projects that the SPCA was in dire need of, 1. Pet food donations, and 2. Kennel renovations - 'Project Pawlift’.

At the SPCA, we try to feed our animals a consistent diet to avoid GI upset and unnecessary veterinary expenses, and as far as the kennels go - the kennels in Lafrenz 1 and 2 have not been renovated since the early 2000’s when they were first built.

Thanks to the Pupkewitz Foundation, we received a generous donation of cat dry food valued N$30,000 and weighing 675 kilos. With this donation we are able to provide food for 120 cats for 90 days! In the ‘Project Pawlift’ and kennel renovations, the Pupkewitz Foundation rolled up their sleeves and renovated two kennel runs with a total of 15 kennels and 4 dog yards. Walls and metal kennel gates were painted, cracks were sealed, and broken parts of the kennels repaired and replaced. These kennels see on average 30 dogs per day, and as many as 550 animals per year!

The support towards the SPCA kennels and pet food was a part of the Foundation’s annual investment of N$7.5 million, net of administration costs, which is drawn from the Pupkewitz Group’s operating profits and is allocated to initiatives in poverty eradication, education, health, culture, sports, community care and the environment. The Foundation expressed their gratitude: "We thank our loyal customers for their support, allowing the Pupkewitz Foundation to reinvest in our communities."

Thanks to the Pupkewitz Foundation’s generous support in renovating some of our kennels, the SPCA is now a more welcoming place to potential adopters, and if we make the visit and the adoption process more welcoming, we might just be able to rehome more animals. By a fresh coat of paint, the kennels do not look so run-down but rather up to standard, clean, and fresh. A shelter is only a short-term solution for homeless animals, and our goal is always to say ‘Good-bye’; to see them find a loving match and a new family. Now thanks to the Pupkewitz Foundation, these animals can have a healthier stay and our visitors a more welcoming experience.

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After photos:

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