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Mutt-Strutt made lots of tails wag

On the 4th of September 2021 140 people and 120+ dogs took their leashes and walked on a mega-pack walk around Avis Dam! Everyone broke out into four different groups to ensure we adhered to covid-19 restrictions. The first groups set out at 08h00 and the second groups at 09h00. There was a short hike and a long hike at both start times to ensure there was a good option for both the humans and dogs walking.

Tails were wagging, people were smiling, and we could not be happier seeing every single eligible SPCA dog going for a walk! Not only did the current SPCA dogs get to go on a little adventure, we saw so many former SPCA dogs there too! All in all, we think both humans and pups agreed that this was a fun day. Take a look at the photo to see for yourself!

A massive #ThankYou to our generous sponsors who made this all happen! Greenspace endorsed us walking around Avis Dam. Eagle's generously sponsored their lawn, and many enjoyed a snack and a drink before/after the walk too. Hill's and Bravecto made everyone smile with their sponsored gift hampers for each of the first 100 entries! And last but not least, thank you to everyone who came and supported this important and fun-draiser for the many animals at the SPCA!

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