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Meet the new SPCA Windhoek Team

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Top left to right: Saskia den Adel-Sheehama, Lee Keily (Chairperson), Tinus Hansen, Reinhard Redecker, Ronel Lewies, Sylvia Breitenstein (Branch Manager). Middle left to right: Cristel Villet, Annie Marggraff (Vice Chair), Marianne Röder (Secretary), Hanna Rhodin (General Manager). Bottom left to right: Charlotte Veldsman (Treasurer), Eileen Grosse-Weischede.

We are excited to introduce several new members of the team to you. This includes new Committee members of the SPCA Windhoek Committee and employees both at SPCA Windhoek as well as SPCA Namibia.

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held by SPCA Windhoek on October 30, 2018 at the Old Wheeler’s Club, Windhoek, we thanked outgoing Committee members Harald Bartsch and Bonita Graupe for their services and hard work for the SPCA Windhoek animals. Furthermore, new Committee members were elected and welcomed to the SPCA team. The SPCA Windhoek Committee now consists of Lee Keily (Chairperson), Annie Marggraff (Vice Chairperson), Marianne Röder (Secretary), Charlotte Veldsman (Treasurer), Cristel Villet, Eileen Grosse-Weischede, Reinhard Redecker, Ronel Lewies, Saskia den Adel-Sheehama, and Tinus Hansen. The strong team includes members that have long working knowledge of SPCA and professionals with fresh ideas. Together they bring forth expertise and experience in animal welfare, veterinary medicine, wildlife, law, accounting, fundraising, engineering, development, and organizational management.

Harald Fülle has stepped in as the CEO of SPCA Namibia, and Hanna Rhodin was appointed as the General Manager by the SPCA Windhoek Committee. The position was previously a joint one and has now been separated so each individual will be able to better work on the tasks at hand. Harald has a 25 plus year track record of high profile marketing initiatives and has continued the work on bringing the branches together, secure national sponsorships, and addressing national SPCA related animal welfare matters and campaigns.

Hanna has a masters degree in Communication for Development and has worked in animal welfare and animal sheltering for nearly ten years, both in the United States and in Kuwait. She oversees fundraising and events, sponsorships, donor relations, corporate relationships, education, and specific programs for the Windhoek branch.

Sylvia Breitenstein is the Branch Manager at SPCA Windhoek, and is known for being synonymous with the SPCA after over 30 years of service to the organization in different capacities. Sylvia will continue her hard work to promote animal welfare in our community, to ensure that the shelter animals are cared for, and that they make it to their new homes.

Together, Harald, Hanna, and Sylvia will put their expertise in one bucket and work on SPCA campaigns to continue to educate the public on animal welfare, responsible pet ownership, and prevent cruelty to animals.

The Committee and Management will work closely together to best serve the animals in our community and look forward to future projects and initiatives.

For any questions you may have, please contact any of the following team members:

- Hanna Rhodin, General Manager at SPCA Windhoek:

- Sylvia Breitenstein, Branch Manager at SPCA Windhoek:

Update: Lee Keily (Chairperson) and Tinus Hansen (Committee Member) has since this news release resigned from the committee due to personal reasons (May 2019 and January 2019 respectively). Annie Marggraff, former Vice Chair, has stepped into the role of Chairperson for the SPCA Windhoek Committee.

Harald Fülle has since this news release resigned from the position as the CEO of SPCA Namibia at the end of March, 2019.

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