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Lots of dogs at the Mutt-Strutt 2022

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

This was the SPCA's 3rd annual Mutt-Strutt, a mega pack of dogs walking together for the love of the animals who need us (and the dogs who love going for a walk)!

A total of 98 dogs and 104 humans walked to raise awareness and funds for the animals at the SPCA! Not only that, all 41 dogs available for adoption at the SPCA and able to walk on a leash got to go for a FUN walk (worry not - we have lots of puppies who are available for adoption too, they just haven't gotten the leash walking down quite yet....)!

See all the yellow 'Adopt Me' bandanas? We love love LOVE the gift ENSafrica put together for the SPCA adoptable dogs! ENSafrica believes in the importance of animal welfare. That is why they donated a total of N$50,000 towards the SPCA; N$30,000 in legal fees, N$10,000 in funds, and the rest towards the 'Adopt Me' bandanas! Talk about taking a stand for the animals!

And the dogs walking? They loved the goodie bags sponsored by Hill's and Bravecto, and a little treat bag sponsored by the SPCA's Chairperson and family. This was all made possible thanks to Eagles and Greenspace for sponsoring the meeting point and the walking grounds!

A MASSIVE #ThankYou to our sponsors; #ENSafrica, #Hill's and #Bravecto, #EaglesRestaurant, and #Greenspace for making this #MuttStrutt2022 on 3 September 2022 happen and to enable us to raise N$19,500 towards the animals in our care!

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