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His name is Gummy

On average, the SPCA takes in over 10 animals every single day of the year. Many of them are in desperate need of medical intervention by the time they arrive at the SPCA. And it is only thanks to people like you that we are able to save them. As the campaign for Dixie's Fund ensues through July 25, we will share different stories of animals that have been supported thanks to the generosity of people like you. One of them is the story of Gummy.

In May 2019 the SPCA responded to an urgent phone call with a claim of an owner beating his puppy without stopping. The SPCA Inspector rushed to the site and was assisted by the City Police here in Windhoek. What then unfolded was a situation of sheer animal cruelty. The owner had been beating his puppy with a broom to the point of breaking the puppy's leg. The SPCA confiscated the puppy and rushed him to the veterinarian. The skilled vet team stabilized and performed a surgery to pin the puppy's leg for recovery in the care of SPCA. We named him Gummy. Unfortunately, photos and videos of Gummy after the assault is not for the sensitive viewer and thus we will not share them.

The SPCA has opened up a case against Gummy's former owner on the basis of animal abuse. However, the current Animal Protection Act is in dire need of amendments to ensure adequate protection for our domestic and wild animal friends.

Since Gummy's surgery he has been recovering and thriving in the care of SPCA. We find it remarkable how well Gummy is doing and his love of people considering the trauma he has experienced. Gummy is now ready for a furr-ever home of his own and cannot wait to be a part of a loving and caring family.

How does Dixie's Fund help puppies like Gummy?

Dixie's Fund is a fund specifically dedicated to animals in need of medical care at the SPCA. It includes anything from spay and neuters to more complicated veterinary interventions such as that of Gummy's extensive surgery. Expensive surgeries that are above the SPCA's capacity.

By giving to Dixie's Fund, you would directly help animals like Gummy. Animals that have nowhere else to go, animals that desperately need you.

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