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Extraordinary kitten rescue

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

It is not every day kittens come running for help. But this was no ordinary day. Our team was driving back to the SPCA from a rescue mission outside of Windhoek when suddenly they saw kittens running along a rest stop. There were no humans in sight, and it was clear that the kittens had been abandoned. Our team were able to safely stop and scoop up the kittens.

Only about a month old, the kittens were clearly separated from their mother too early. It was obvious that they were used to humans as the two kittens ran towards our team members! They were friendly and could not wait to get into the arms of their rescuers. Completely surprised by the kittens appearance from thin air our team thought they had the whole litter. Until they heard a meow by the garbage bins, and a third kitten appeared! Only to find a fourth kitten run up to them from behind. Once the area was scanned to ensure all kittens were found, our team showered them with love.

Growing, and glowing

The kittens were placed in a loving foster home where they have been given the care they desperately needed. They have been given lots of food, necessary medical treatments, and are now thriving! Whilst not quite yet, they will be available for adoption in a couple of weeks.

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