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Animals by Night 2022 - Wild at Heart

Animals by Night - Wild at Heart 2022 was nothing short a wonderful evening in the name of animals! Together, you raised $45,000 for the animals in our care!

And as always, the animal lovers always show up. We danced the night away with Vaughn Ahrens and Riaan Smit.

We admired talented artists who painted phenomenal, jaw-dropping artwork. Lastly, the silent auction was a great success, and our guests left as Happy Chappies. Overall we had fantastic time in the name of animal welfare!

FNB's continued support and generosity is not only heartwarming, but also impactful for the animals in our care. The official handover of N$150,000.00 took place at the SPCA's annual event, where visitors helped show appreciation for the sizable donation.

FNB Head of Secured Landing, Elmarie Cilliers said the bank recognises all animals as sentient beings who play vital roles in our communities and strives to prevent cruelty and exploitation while also ensuring that they have a good quality of life and their basic needs are met. “We believe that human-animal relationships have an impact on animal welfare, and it is our responsibility to ensure that all animals are treated humanely, responsibly, and with respect. This includes taking into account all aspects of animal well-being, which has been and continues to be the main focus of all SPCA Namibia efforts,” she said.

FNB's donation towards the organization’s ‘Dixie’s Fund’ helps the SPCA provide basic and extraordinary medical treatments to the animals that come through our doors. With over 4,100 animals rescued in the last year, and many more still in need, their support goes directly to these animals and for that, we are incredibly grateful.

A big #ThankYou to our amazing artists painting live in the name of animals, to Vaughn Ahrens and Riaan Smit for performing, to all our guests, and to our generous sponsors; FNB, Something Artsy, Goethe Institut, WINGOC, Omnitel, Bushwackers, and Goethe Cafe. Everyone helped make sure that Animals by Night 2022 edition was a success!

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