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A Year in Review - 2021

The year 2021 has been the busiest year yet at the SPCA, during one of the craziest times in our lives. It was a year filled with highs and lows for everyone. Thanks to you, we have been able to rescue over 4,185 animals, reunite 384 lost pets with their people, rehome 494 animals, respond to 596 calls for help, sterilize 516 animals, and administer 2,235 vaccines. We took in 465 more animals in total and nearly 600 more cats compared to last year.

Animal intake over the years

The annual intake of animals from 2016 to 2021 has grown from 3,100 to 4,185, a considerable 35% increase. Just in a five year period, from 2016 when the SPCA took in 882 cats to 2021 when we took in 2,024 cats, the number of cats we have taken in has increased by 129%. These are only the cats that are actually caught or brought to the SPCA; we receive many more phone calls of feral cat colonies that keep on growing that the SPCA is not able to reach. It appears that the need for organizations like the SPCA is only increasing.

Project PAWlift

Thanks to our sponsors and donors in 'Project PAWlift', we have been able to renovate two of our kennel runs, the front office, and the rabbit enclosures. From last year's wish list to #Santa we installed three new sinks, gave our dog gardens a much needed PAWlift by color and enrichment, new collars and new bandanas for our dogs.

Before pics

After pics

Humane Education

Whilst humane education outreach have come to a paus due to the pandemic we have still continued our efforts in the area. We developed a children's book on how to care for animals and a poster on how to care for working animals, and we printed 2,000 copies of each!

Remarkable volunteers

We are lucky enough to have several remarkable volunteers at the SPCA, and they all contribute significantly to our many different programs and departments. We would like to share the story of a particular volunteer. A young woman named Nora waltzed into our lives as a volunteer. It very quickly became apparent that she had a big heart for our furry friends, and a really eager drive to work with them and learn more about them. She had dabbled in a teaching and a lawyer career, and has probably read about a 1000 books in her life, on any topic under the sun. At SPCA, it seemed that she had found a true passion for the people, the animals and the cause.

Every day she shows up, jumps in head-first to any task we have that needs doing… whether it’s helping to walk dogs, or decluttering, assisting clients, answering phones, being a vet assistant, helping with filing… you name it. And always with a can-do spirit that never fails to pick the people around her up as well. We treasure her as a diamond of a volunteer, and she encompasses the true spirit of all our volunteers who simply want to give some of their time and energy to a good cause.

She has become a very big part of the SPCA… she has played her role in changing so many animal lives for the better and we know she has a very bright future ahead of her… whatever she chooses to do. She inspires everyone here and we are so grateful for every moment she chooses to spend for our cause.

Adoption highlights

One of the most rewarding parts of working in animal sheltering is seeing animals get a second chance at being a pet. That sweet moment when an excited adopter meets, and later picks up, an excited adopted pet makes our hearts tick! Here are a few of the 494 adopted pets from this year, and a couple of adoption highlights of two dogs who struggled to find a match, but found a home right in time for the holidays!

One of our longest shelter residents, Binno, had been with us for more than 200 days. Binno had been struggling to find his match, but the SPCA team continued to believe in him - he really was a sweetheart, he just needed the right person to come along. Binno had extra toes and deformation to his hind legs, it did not cause him pain, but in the future he may develop arthritis, so we knew he needed someone willing to take him to the vet regularly in the future if needed. The Barnard family had decided they were able to give a loving home to another dog and specifically wanted to help one of the longer staying dogs at the SPCA. Binno now lives the high life! He lives on a farm with his people, doggy siblings and lots of other animals, and we could not be happier for Binno and his new family!

Many people stopped by to say hi to Loretta, but she was shy, and the sheltering could be quite an overwhelming place for a sensitive dog like Loretta. Loretta was here for just about 6 months before the Tomek family fell in love with her. It was a match made! Loretta made herself right at home and fits in perfectly!

Working animals are deserving too

We have exciting news, just initiated at the end of the year! The SPCA Namibia have just launched a new initiative; Working Animal Welfare Project with a new hire. Where we will provide veterinary care, community engagement, and humane education in some of our most rural communities in Namibia. In just a couple of field trips alone we have already helped nearly 200 donkeys, horses, and mules.

Thank you

None of these projects and programs and the many animals saved with them would have been possible without the incredible generosity from our donors, sponsors, grantors, and events and fundraiser-supporters! Our adopters make sure that these deserving pets can be given a second chance in life. Our supporters are crucial messengers in their own circles, helping and educating near and dear about all things animal welfare. It takes a village to make the SPCA work, and our donors, adopters, volunteers and educators, ensure that we can exist and be there for the many animals in need. A heartfelt Thank You for your support!

From all of us at the SPCA, both two- and four-legged, we wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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