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A new 'home' for the new cats

Our intake cat enclosure is in dire need of renovation to better serve the cats that come into our care. By renovating the enclosure we can ensure that we decrease stress when new cats come in and better control disease transmission. Things we always have to think about in a shelter environment.

What is needed and why?

Whilst we do our outmost to ensure that every animal that come in through our doors have the best possible stay, a shelter environment can still be very stressful when you now have 250-400 new neighbors! New cats that come to the SPCA are seldom vaccinated against disease, including "cat snuffles", and a cat that is stressed has a weakened immune system, and thus a higher risk of breaking out in sickness. That is why it is so important to be able to separate cats upon arrival, something we currently are not able to do. Through the renovation, each cat/litter of kittens will be able to have a safe and quiet space to themselves before they are protected by the immunizations and can join our communal catteries.

The renovation is quoted at N$85,000 and we have raised N$31,000 so far (Apr. 14).

Will you help the cats to a better stay?

A generous donor has pledged to donate up to N$25,000 by matching YOUR donation until the end of this month. If you donate N$100 your donation will be matched and making it N$200, or if it is N$1,000 it will now be N$2,000! We hope the cats who need a safe place to stay can count on you. Please consider making a contribution, however small, to help with this important initiative. Please use MDC (Match Donation Challenge) and your name as a reference, and send us an email. We would love to thank you directly!

You can make a difference!

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