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A friendly dog in need of help

A friendly male dog, named Jakkals, came to the SPCA in quite some pain. - We would like to caution sensitive viewers as the following photos are quite graphic. -

Jakkals during his arrival and physical examination by our veterinarian.

He had huge gashes on his back and tail. Due to the type of wounds and our veterinarian believe he had been the victim of either a dog fight or a baboon attack. Unfortunately, his owner could not afford the veterinary fees to treat his friend. He immediately asked the SPCA for help and he had to surrender his dog into our care.

The wounds upon arrival and after the affected area was shaved.

Our veterinarian shaved and cleaned Jakkals wounds. He then went through a surgery where our veterinarian stitched him back together. A drain was put in to ensure there would not be a build up of fluids and help avoid an infection. After post-op care and treatment, he eventually made a beautiful recovery. We got some more good news almost three weeks after Jakkals was admitted to the SPCA; the owner was able to pay for his re-adoption and cost of treatment. The two friends were happily reunited. This is not just a wonderful story about a dog and his friend, but an example of where the SPCA was able to help save a worthy life, and for Jakkals, ensure the best possible outcome.

The wounds neatly stitched up; the area healed with fur coming back in; and lastly - a very happy Jakkals!

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