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Your time is very important to us and we appreciate it that you decide to spend it helping us! 

We have some rules that need to be followed before you decide to sign-up!


1. Once you enter our premises, you do so at your own risk and we can't take responsibility should you get hurt.

2. Follow the rules of the SPCA. Make arrangments to come and volunteer, we will assign you to help with various tasks.

3. You are obligated to be 16 and older to volunteer on your own. Should you be younger than 16, please have an adult accompany you at all times. 

4. So you are 16 and older, please sign an indemnity form in our office, this protects us, the animals and yourself.


We always need help, even if you just want to play with our cats or walk a few dogs, this helps us more than you can imagine. And of course, this means the world to those few animals that get a bit of attention other than us working around them. 


Please take time and donate your time, even if it is once or twice a week. Every bit helps!



Help make a difference and sign up to volunteer today!

You can go to our office directly or you can fill in the form on the right.


Success! Message received.

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