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A Year in Review - 2022

At SPCA Namibia and our seven Branches, this year has been nothing short of busy, almost as if we were playing catch-up from when the pandemic was the most noticeable. Across Namibia, we took in 5,167 animals, found new homes for 814 animals, reunited 678 lost pets with their owners, and reached 566 working animals in some of our most rural communities. We sterilized 1,169 animals, administered 4,537 vaccines and performed another 673 life-saving treatments and procedures. Our Inspectors across the country responded to over 436 complaints and collected over 1,606 stray and surrendered animals. None of this could have been done without the support from our generous donors and grantors, private and corporate, and for that, we are forever grateful and appreciative.

What these figures show us, is that the incoming number of animals keep increasing, and for another year the SPCA took in ever more animals, whilst adoptions unfortunately dwindled for a second year in a row. Highlighting just how important it is to consider adoption as an option when adding an animal to your family.

Highlighted Initiatives

The SPCAs together took on a range of national initiatives, both fundraising events, campaigns, and adoption drives to try and find even more loving homes to the animals in our care. The initiatives ranged from a national dog walk to Clear the Shelter; a day of adoption specials with great media support.

The SPCA’s Working Animal Welfare Project, primarily focusing on the veterinary relief, community outreach, and humane education of donkeys, horses, and mules and their caretakers, completed its first full year of operating in some of our most rural communities. We were able to reach 793, no small feat compared to the estimated 500 animals we expected to see in the first year. The project has been very well received and the animals have been provided with much needed veterinary care.

Other initiatives included renovations to improve our facilities and important maintenance projects as many of our SPCAs have old buildings subject to high levels of wear and tear. Several of us hosted community days and rabies vaccination clinics and we worked hard on spreading messages of animal welfare in the media and on radio.

How to Get Involved

There are many ways in which you can help the animals in your community. One way is to get involved with your local SPCA in the year to come if you have not already. Adopting really does help by giving an animal a second chance in life; volunteering helps the organization run smoothly and our volunteers provide crucial socialization to the animals in our care, amongst many other tasks; sterilizing your pets, or pay it forward to someone who cannot afford it, to help reduce the current overpopulation of pet animals; educating those around you, helps animal welfare become a mainstream topic and something we all can do; and donating provide the lifeline for the SPCAs to continue to be there for some of the most vulnerable animals in our communities. If you do not know where to start or would like to help with a specific project, please reach out to your local SPCA or to SPCA Namibia’s Headquarters and we will gladly assist.

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